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Sherri Jessee

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Client comments:

·  Sherri is the best.  She is phenomenal at hair and makeup & makes me feel so beautiful! We've worked together for a few editorial hair/makeup shoots for magazines and she is incredibly talented. She is a visionary and is so creative, plus she also has a keen eye in photography as well as far as lighting. She's made a name for herself in the industry as an independent entrepreneur, she is an amazing friend and mentor and is so supportive. I simply adore her! ~TV Personality Olivia Caridi 

·  I first met Sherri Jessee in 2014. She gave me hair and make up tips and tricks along with one of her custom pallets and make up organizers that helped me be put together and super confident at getting myself ready. Besides teaching she has also asked me to be involved with several unique and fun campaigns, most of which have been published in magazines across the world. Besides the fact that she is fabulous at what she does, this women has a heart of gold and is an amazing person to work with. If you ever have the chance, where it’s a make up class, photoshoot or going to her salon to get your hair done, don’t pass up the opportunity, you will not be disappointed! ~ Miss Virginia USA 2014 Arielle Rosmarino

· Love working with Sherri. Not only she is a beautiful person inside and out, she is also very talented in her craft. Always consistent in giving amazing result in any project we do. I definitely highly recommend her. Looking forward to work w her again in the future. ~ Photographer Jason Setiawan

·  Sherri is the absolute sweetest! She is always kind and encouraging—just the person you want to be around right before a big competition or photo shoot. She has wonderful energy, and I cannot say enough good things about her! ~ Miss Virginia USA 2016 Desi Williams

·  Sherri works absolute magic on everyone. Besides being lovely enough to be in front of the camera herself, she is insanely talented, accomplished, gentle and kind. She can absolutely transform you with her hair and makeup skills, and achieve contrasting looks for you within the same shoot. Working with her is nothing but a pleasure. It is insane to me that we in little Bristol Virginia get to have her, as she is internationally acclaimed and published. If you're considering hiring her services, don't wait!!! You will be in the best of hands! ~ Model Lilly Amber Irving

· Sherri is so incredible at knowing how to create a jaw-dropping look for any occassion! She allows you to push the envelope and love every second of the experience. Her make-up is so rich and vibrant, very little goes a long way! Highly recommend working with such an incredible soul! ~ Miss Virginia USA 2017 Jacque Carroll

· Sherri Jessee is seriously the best in the game! So much fun to work with and her makeup turns out AMAZING every time!!! Not to mention she is the sweetest woman ever and always wants what is best for you! ~ Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2014 Morgan Moseley

·  She is phenomenal! Sherri can make girls from every ethnicity look and feel beautiful. She has extensive knowledge with all hair types and skin tones. She is very innovative and professional. ~ Model Shelsi Webb

·  Sherri is AMAZING! She will not only make you beautiful, but she will make you feel beautiful inside and out! She is constantly empowering women to be their best self. Her makeup lessons give contestants the ability to feel confidently beautiful doing their own hair and makeup. Sherri genuinely cares about her clients and strives to find what works for your individual needs. Sherri is the BEST! ~ Miss Virginia Teen USA 2016 Gracyn Blackmore

·  Sherri is INCREDIBLE! I had a photoshoot with my best friend for the same pageant system but two different states with VERY different styles. I was hesitant that we'd be able to get two very different looks at the same time BUT no need to hesitate at all! Sherri made us look amazing while keeping two very distinct styles! I am so impressed with her work. Having her on hand during the shoot also meant I was able to change up my look with hair and makeup to match my outfit changes. Can't wait to work with her again! ~ Mrs Virginia International Elizabeth Peace

·  Sherri is always a pleasure to work with. She makes you feel and look AMAZING!!! I am always in all at the way I look after she uses a very modest amount of makeup. She knows exactly where to put the product to make you look flawless. She is always willing to do anything you need in order to get a great shot or help you look your best for a big day. She is published in so many magazines if you give it a google it will make your head spin…BEST in the business. ~ Miss Southern Virginia USA 2015 Lehanna Craft

·  Olivia Green: Sherri is one of the best in the business! Her attention to detail and precision sets her apart. I absolutely loved working with her for multiple photo shoots, special occasions, and even a makeup lesson. She is so talented and is such a joy to work with. Not only is she a great hair and makeup artist, I consider her a great friend as well. She is as sweet as can be! Would highly recommend her to anyone! ~ Miss Jr. Teen Tennessee United States 2014

· One of the best and sweetest people that I have ever worked with in this industry. She did my hair and make up for a photo shoot and made me feel absolutely amazing.... that was in 2014, and we still stay in touch to this day. She taught me everything I know about extensions and how to style them. She is such a talented artist and you can tell how much she loves her work and the girls she is able to work with by the true beauty of everything she does. Truly such a blessing to me during my year as Miss. South Carolina Teen International!! ~ Miss. SC Teen Intl 2014 Morgan Bacon

·  I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with Sherri the very first time, and that is all it took for me to be in complete awe of her talent. Not only is Sherri talented in this art, she is personable and is more than willing to show you how to do something or explain the process of a technique. I love how Sherri can make me feel so confident in my look, without piling product on on your face, making you feel natural. She will go above and beyond when she is working with you, even if it means letting you borrow the shoes on her feet!

~ Mrs. Tennessee United States 2016 Chalea Devotie

·  Sherri is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I cannot say enough about her and her willingness to always go the extra mile. She genuinely cares about what you're looking for and makes you feel and look like a Rockstar. ~ Miss Southern Tennessee 2017 Meah Ollis

·  I’ve known Sherri for a few years now and I consider her to be a wonderful friend. Not only is she a great friend, she is a phenomenal hair and makeup artist that I completely trust. I’ve personally learned so much from her and her professionalism is top notch. She is so kind and down to earth and is more than willing to help in any way possible. She does so many wonderful things in our region and I highly recommend her for all things related beauty. ~ Singer Natalie Rife Williams

· Not only is Sherri the best at what she does, she is the best in who she is and how she makes her clients feel. She is so professional and treats each client like a queen. You will never meet a woman as kind as her! She can be recognized anywhere by her distinct signature style of hair and makeup! May it be a high fashion magazine or a pageant headshot-by the quality of her work cannot be touched! No one can come close Sherri’s skill and expertise in her field! I am truly in awe every time I see her work published in print or on social media. Look no further for anyone else, she NEVER disappoints! ~ Miss Tennessee United States 2016 Blakely Bays